Friday, May 6, 2011


Totally forgot about this blog. I hate that! I wish I could just keep up with it like I want to. But then again, no one reads it. Caught up on a few of the blogs that I follow so I'm motivated to write something, but don't really know what :( It would be nice if I had interesting or funny things to say.

Not a whole lot has changed around here. I still hang out with the kids mostly and obsess over the computer every chance I get. Michelle, my mother in law (Tim's stepmom...his real mom is dead to me) works everyday, and Tim and his dad sit in their offices all day and do their own things. I definitely feel the pressure now to cook every night, which is fine I guess since MumMum (Michelle) is the one with a real job and supporting the rest of the household for the most part. And as far as eating goes, I'm happy to say that Tim and I have pretty much become vegetarians. I rarely eat meat anymore and I don't even crave it. I'm not trying to get meat out of my diet for any reason other than the fact that Tim's parents have become vegetarians, and I must feed them. I do miss all of my meaty recipes that I used to cook but it's not bothering me. We will eat them again eventually. We have also pretty much cut fast food out of our diet as well, which I love. But why haven't I lost any weight from any of this??

I have also started sewing again finally. Not a lot, but I'm working on it. Although I am not happy with how this first project is turning out. I wish some of my work turned out as cute as they are on paper!

It is finally spring here and it's starting to get really beautiful around here! Daffodil season, my absolute favorite, has come and gone...the whole two weeks that it is. Bear season however is just starting. We've already had a black bear get into a lot of our trash and haul it up the steep hill that the house sits at the base of. Cleaning that up was NOT fun. Apparently the bears here, and Black Bears in general, are pretty docile. While I am afraid, I really want to see one!

Easter was a couple of weeks ago and it was nice to finally have fun with it with Tristan. He got his first basket and first egg hunt. Then we all, with Nicole and Jason, had a big awesome dinner. Tim's parents even made turkey and ham, which they gave in and ate as well.
Mother's Day is on Sunday and I got Michelle and present and I am SO freaking excited to give it to her! I kinda feel bad for not getting my own mother anything, but this particular item would have been put away and forgotten. I thought of a few other things, but anything I would give her would see the same fate...tucked away somewhere and forgotten. Not because it's completely unappreciated, but because my mom's existence consists solely of laying in bed watching tv or sleeping, and drinking. In fact, I am willing to bet that she will be wasted this weekend and I won't even get to talk to her. *sigh*

Lastly I believe, would be that Collie bean is walking! Not only is she walking at ten months old, but she started walking about two months ago. She has eight teeth now with a ninth moving around somewhere.

I think that brings me up to date on everything. I'm starving and it's time to get started on dinner.

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