Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blog Book

One of my friends in Japan that went to high school with me, Satomi, just had her blog about life with her little son printed into a book. It looks so cute! Now I wish that I had done that too and currently feel motivated to seriously keep up with my own blog so I can have a cute book. But thinking about it, I usually have nothing worth mentioning when I do finally sit down to write. And I don't have all the nice pictures that most people add to their blogs :(

I know that it's never too late to start something, but that's exactly how I feel right now. I realize now that there are years of stuff that's not written down. It feels kind of dumb to just jump in the middle somewhere.

I guess that I could scrounge around through whatever I can find and throw something together :( Maybe that can be the prequel haha. But starting right now...hmmm...what to say....


Tristan is downstairs watching tv, Little Bear to be exact. Collie is taking her first nap of the day. Tim has also gone back to bed because he had to get up early to take the car into town to be checked out. The sensors have been going out a lot lately and there is no open recall on our individual car so we can't just have them reprogrammed for free :(
I had decided this morning to make pancakes for Tristan because we are out of granola bars, his favorite. I have always used Aunt Jemima mix but Tim had bought me Bisquick. It was SO frustrating getting the mix just right since I over measured the powder. I kept burning the pancakes because the batter was so thick and not bubbling so I wasn't flipping them over in time. Then of course Tristan is all over the kitchen talking and bothering me, Collie is circling my ankles, and I haven't had any coffee yet. All first thing in the morning. Ugh!
Michelle has been on vacation for a few days in the Dominican Republic and is coming home tonight, so I have been doing some extra cleaning around the house. Cleaning has actually become relaxing to me for some reason.
Collie will be waking up very soon and I wish I had taken a shower instead of writing this. I will just have to take a quick one after she wakes up. Then I can get the vacuuming done also. Collie loves the vacuum! Tristan always tells me not to vacuum her up haha :3

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