Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

Tim got up before I did to help his dad with another gun show over the weekend. So after waiting for Michelle to wake up, I made cinnamon rolls for us. Then, after what had been killing me since that Friday, I gave her the present that I had custom made for her: a hand stamped necklace with Tristan and Colleen's names on it. I have been meaning to get one for myself for a while now, but this gave me an excuse to actually buy one now haha. She seemed to really like it but then went right back to what she was doing on her computer, and keeping to herself around the house for the rest of the day as usual.
I was planning on making Pesto for dinner and sent Tim a message asking if he could bring home some bread for garlic toast. He said no because Michelle was making for me this awesome fish dinner that I love. I knew nothing of this so after a while of no Michelle in sight, I tracked her down and asked her about the fish. She confirmed, and I carried on with my lonely day.
Later she was getting ready to start dinner, and I went upstairs to call my mom. I heard Tim come home as the kids were really starting to drive me crazy, as is the routine whenever I decided to actually talk on the phone.
I had just about had it, when Tim came in to get a change of clothes for his shower. I just about bit his head off when he walked out and left me with a crying baby at my feet who wanted to leave with him. Then he came back in, picked up Collie, told me to fucking calm down, and to get dressed to go out to dinner. Uuuummmmm.....what?
So I end my very unsuccessful conversation with my mom and go downstairs to see what's going on. We're all going out? But MumMum is cooking...??
Turns out that only Tim and I are going out to dinner....AND there are a dozen roses on the table with a card. Tim and I had had a few rocky words that morning about a problem we were having, so I was truly surprised by this. The card was absolutely the point where I wondered if he had actually had it custom made haha. (He had got it that day!)

Elaborating on our issue, family vs. WoW, was a bit upsetting and almost scary, but we cleared up some unknowns and always come back around by the end of it. He actually thought that I wanted to have kids to replace him and fill the hole left by all the time he plays on the game! pun intended haha. I have no idea where he got that crazy idea. I have kids AND a husband so I have a FAMILY. So we just need to get back on track with family time. I definitely don't want him to quit the game and I pride myself on being a wife that is NOT controlling. It's his hobby and he loves it. Just a little toooo much.
Oh, and to top it all off, he forgot to call his mom haha! Now she is mad at him about it. The woman who doesn't believe in celebrating birthdays expects recognition on a made up holiday.

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  1. By the way, I love love love my necklace! Was trying to lay low so I didn't spoil the dinner surprise! Love you glad you are in my life! <3