Friday, February 25, 2011


Totally not feeling this update, but I need to get it out of the way....

Well here we are, finally back in the United States. We flew in to PA last week on Tuesday the 15th. Tim got his orders and we had six days to leave the island, two of those days were the weekend so Tim really only had four days to out process. It was absolute insanity trying to get everything done in time. But thankfully we managed to still be there when the movers came to pack up all of our stuff! They came the day before we flew out so it was very stressfull. Every airport gave us trouble along the way also and they charged us a ton of money for the cats too. The kids did do better than expected on the planes though.
So we've just been hanging out at Tim's dad's house...bored. It's so cold! We're definitely not used to this kind of weather. I can't wait for spring. It will be so pretty to see the other seasons here since the house is way out in the country. Anyways, my computer had died a few weeks ago and Tim ordered me a new one a few days ago. It arrived yesterday so he's been spending all of his time trying to get it set up right. It hasn't been going very well since we wanted to put my old hard drive in it. He's spent a lot of money this week so I'm not too happy about that. He bought a Droid phone yesterday. I need to get a phone but don't know what I want yet. Everything is smart phones now and I just don't care for them at all. Right before we left Oki I managed to talk Tim into doing our taxes and it came in just in time. So I'm SO glad that we have the money now and I don't want Tim blowing through it. He's got one last paycheck coming at the end of the month which is awesome. We just have to make the money last as long as we can.
I should be going out this weekend to a craft store because I've been so bored and wondering if I should try making some things to keep busy. I wish that I had brought all of my supplies with me. I hate to buy all new stuff so maybe I'll just get a few simple things. Once I've made a few things I'll put them up on Etsy and see how it goes. I definitely don't want to get overwhelmed if it goes well. There's so many things that I want to make though that I'm not sure where to start.
Okay, well now I've completely lost my train of thought, so hopefully I'll update again soon...

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