Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

Well 2010 will be over in just a couple of hours so I thought I'd write one last journal for the year! Not much news lately though. Tim has a few days of leave left so he's gonna try to get back on a day schedule for work next week. He's spent all of his time playing the new expansion to his game at night and sleeping during the day. I got to go out and do a few important things on my list before leaving the island. Still have a lot to do but the weather has been shitty. I hope that I can get everything done in time! Other than that, just hanging out with the kids and getting some painting and sewing done when I feel like it.
Christmas was good. We set out milk and cookies for Santa, along with the list of toys that Tristan wanted. He talked about waiting for Santa for days! The next morning he totally forgot about Santa and came downstairs to the couch without even noticing all the presents and bike sitting with the tree! We had to point it out to him and it took a few seconds for it to register haha. Guess he just wasn't awake yet. But I know in the coming years he will be crazy excited and waking us up at like five in the morning.
Anniversary was not so good. Nine years. We couldn't find a babysitter, as if that was a surprise, and had to cancel our dinner reservations to a really good restaurant off base. But then we would have had to cancel anyways because Tim got really sick that day. He's still getting over it and now both the kids are sick. Hopefully I won't get sick. I don't have time to be sick. At all. I barely get through some of the days as it is. We still plan on going to this restaurant, the Garlic House or Arin Krin, but we will just have to take the kids with us. When we get back to the states we will actually have friends and family who will love to watch the kids for us, and we can finally have some time for just the two of us.
I am actually looking forward to the new year now. I was of course dreading it at first since we are getting out of the military very soon, but the more I think about some things the more I can't wait to go home. I love Japan and I love this little island of Okinawa, but it's been really lonely for me here since Sarah left over a year ago. I sure will miss it though and will feel very sick when we leave.
Well...less than two hours left...goodbye 2010.

Friday, December 3, 2010

This Life is Over

It's time to say goodbye to the military. The only way of life that Tim and I have known as a couple. It's been nine years and now we have to start over.
Tim is no longer fighting his discharge for failing his PT tests. This way it actually buys us a little bit more time on the island. Now they want to do a complete review of his entire medical history and this might give us a few extra weeks also, if we're lucky. For when they do this they will find some fuck ups on their part for not properly diagnosing and treating a broken back about six years ago. I don't know why that would delay our discharge process in any way but I guess we will just have to see what happens.
So we are supposed to have about six weeks left on the island. Tim is taking thirty days of leave starting Monday which I am very much looking forward to. He gets to relax at home (as much as you can with two small kids around) while I take to the streets of Okinawa and check things off of my last minute must-do list. I am just hoping that what few friends I have here will join me because it's just not fun doing everything alone. Tim does want to get out for a few adventures so that's good.
It's going to be hard starting over but we are lucky to have Tim's dad and stepmom here to help us get back on our feet. Everything happens for a reason and it's just time for us to move on. It will definitely be nice to be home again and have the kids close to family. I am excited to play in the snow with Tristan for the first time too.
With all the things that I love to make now and all the ideas I have for new projects I am hoping to start up my own little shop on Etsy and see what happens. I probably won't be able to get a real job but if it works out then I will still be able to bring in a little bit of money and stay home with the kids. I am also hoping that I can keep up my photography as well. Maybe I will even be able to go back to school and take a few classes at a local community college. All these dreams that will most likely never come true but I just have to keep hoping and never give up!

In other news, Collie bean has two teeth now! She's 16 lbs and 25 inches long. Almost six months. Christmas is right around the corner and I am scrambling to finishing my shopping. I got Collie a cute xmas dress and can't wait to take some nice pics of the kids!
Our nine year anniversary is coming up too. I am hoping that we will have a babysitter to go out to dinner so Tim and I can actually have a little bit of time to ourselves before we leave.
Then comes 2011.....