Monday, September 13, 2010

Pretty (and) Stupid

"You can't be pretty and smart."

Yes, my mother in law really said that. A few times she would say to my cat, "It's a good thing you're pretty, 'cause you sure aren't smart." She likes to say things like this when I'm around. She must think that I don't know the game she's playing. Just because I choose to stay quiet doesn't mean I don't know anything. One of these days I might actually challenge her little theories. But that's exactly what she wants, to strike a debate with someone so she can use her vast intelligence to prove them wrong and show that she is all knowing. She tried that with my mom the first time they met, but what she wasn't counting on was my mom being very educated about Native Americans as well. She dropped that after the first question haha.
But anyways, I have so many questions about this that I would love to hear her answers for. After all, it's just a cat, what do you expect? A college degree? And since looks are all about opinion, how does that work? Some people think I'm pretty and some don't, so which is it? Am I stupid or smart?
Cynthia, you must be pretty fucking hot because that is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.


Every time I post in my blog, it doesn't take long before I starting wondering if I should or shouldn't have said this or that. I worry about what someone will think, if I've offended someone. I wonder if I should go back and delete that sentence or paragraph. I wonder who's judging me or if someone might not want to be my friend after reading what I said. But at the same time I tell myself that I'm just speaking my mind in the only place that I feel comfortable. My blog is really for me and what I say is how I feel. This is me, and as much as I would hate to lose any of the few friends that I have, I can't please everybody. I'm really different from most people, everyone I know, and no one will ever understand me. I probably wouldn't have any friends at all if anyone knew everything about me. When I'm shy or just quiet people think I'm rude, and when I try to be confident people think I'm a bitch. I just can't win.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Been too long!

I thought for sure that I would up with a new blog when I got one, and here I am just now writing for the first time since April. Ugh! I start getting behind in entries and then I just don't know where to start....

Well the last time I wrote, I was preggers. Now, not so much haha. Colleen Renee Louis was born June 18th at 12:09 am, weighing in at 9 pounds even! She will be three months old in a week! She is such a little chunk. I think she will be beating up Tristan in no time. I assumed that her and Tristan would be the same growing up, but so far she is almost the complete opposite of him, other than being a big baby. And she absolutely adores Tim! She gets so happy to see him and will stop eating just to stare at him. If she can't see him, she will stare in the direction of his voice haha. I'm only good for holding her :( But Tristan is such a momma's boy so I guess that makes up for it.
At my six week postpartum checkup, I told the doctor that we wanted my husband to get fixed but was told that they won't do the procedure until the baby is six months old. I asked her the reasoning for this and she said that it's in case the parents change their mind about having any more kids. This really pisses me off! My plan has always been to only have two kids. I got my boy and girl just like I wanted. I don't want any more. I would be so unbelievably pissed off if I were to get pregnant again. I would truly hate my life at that point. Of course I would love any child that I brought into this world unconditionally, but I still don't want to go there. If I want more kids THAT bad later, then I'll adopt. That's what people should be doing anyways instead of having NINETEEN. So anyways, just three more months to go before they will snip Tim. Ugh can't wait. Which reminds me, the doctors have also totally fucked up my birth control and won't give it to me for two weeks, so I'll be starting over. Assholes GRRR!

Tristan is going to be three years old in a few weeks! It's crazy. He's been telling me everything he wants for his birthday and it's so cute. I really need to hurry up and start buying some of his presents! I'm sad that we don't have anyone to celebrate his birthday with us. I hate being away from home and not having any friends here.

Halloween is coming just a few weeks after Tristan's birthday and we are so excited! We recently moved into a nice big and new house and apparently this neighborhood is THE place for trick or treating on the base. There are a lot of kids around here which I'm not used to. No one trick or treated in Marek Park so last year was very sad. We bought lots of candy and got Tristan dressed up, but no one came and no neighbors passed out candy. It was very depressing for me. But this year should be better and I can't wait to see what happens. Tim is so excited to stay home with the little zebra and pass out candy, and I am looking forward to taking Batman around to experience the holiday for the first time! We don't want him to have very much candy but we still want him to have fun :D He wants to be Batman again this year and wants a Batman birthday too. He has this little Batman toy that is his best (and only) friend and is with him at all times. It's cute and sad at the same time.

Well it's past my bedtime so I'll have to write some more later, hopefully soon. I just had to write something before bed since it was driving me crazy! Oh, and here's a couple quick rants: 1. If you see someone pulling out of their parking spot, calm the fuck down and just let them go instead of driving around them anyways! Do you really want to be the dumbass who gets into an accident in a PARKING LOT??? 2. It's 9/11 and all of Afghanistan is flipping the fuck out because some stupid American in Florida wants to burn their bible. Really? It's just a book, you have more. And stupid American in Florida, you are not a true Christian and can burn instead. And to everybody else, see what believing in Gods and bibles does to you? It makes you hate each other. You've totally missed the point.