Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Women, Infants, and Children. If you are pregnant and/or have kids, you get some free food every month. I get a set of coupons and Tristan gets a set. It's great that I get all of the milk, juice, and bread that I need. It's okay that I get some of the other stuff but I don't always need it. It's stuff that we just don't eat that often. I mean do I really need two jars of peanut butter and four to six boxes of cereal every month?! Right now I have five boxes of cereal and eight jars of peanut butter just sitting collecting dust. I also get cheese, eggs, and some produce that goes to waste sometimes. I don't have to get everything that's offered to me on the coupons but the checkout ladies always hassle me and run to get the stuff that I "missed".
So Tristan and I had our latest WIC appointments this morning. They took Tristan's weight and height. Then they took my weight. Great. There's another fucking three pounds. WTF. Three pounds in one week?! It's not like I'm eating badly, or even any differently than from before I was pregnant so I have no idea where all of this extra weight is coming from, or even where it's hiding. It's rediculous. On top of that, the woman at our appointment is a retired Army dietitian and decides that she is going to pick through the food log that I had made yesterday. It's not enough to just give me my new coupons and let me get out of there. No, oh no. She had to go through everything that Tristan and I ate yesterday and point out our portion sizes and compare them to her chart of what they were supposed to be. So apparently Tristan drinks too much milk and juice (watered down btw) and what the hell was I thinking eating that side of chips with the Subway that I had for dinner. A granola bar?? I'm out of control! I'm sure if it were up to her I would be on a diet right now. Hell, maybe I should be. Maybe I should just eat what I get from my coupons and that's it. I won't get any meat, but that's okay because the cereal and peanut butter are filled with iron and protein. They say not to use "eating for two" as an excuse to eat whatever you want. I don't. They also say not to diet while you're pregnant. We'll see about that.
Nobody eats the way they should. Nobody is perfect. FUCK. OFF. And while you're busy doing that, I'll be sitting right here eating some ice cream. Right before my organs shut down. Thanks.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

From Snail, with love.

Today is Easter Sunday but it's just another day in this house. Tim and I have never celebrated Easter together. I used to love all the family gatherings at my grandma's house for holidays but not because they actually meant anything to me. I just loved the food. I am not a religious person so I don't care about the "meaning" of Easter, and Tim absolutely hates Easter because the Christians stole it from the Pagans. But I don't care about all of that. I just want a little basket of candy and cute things! But Tim will have nothing to do with it. Guess I'm a little old for it anyways. But! Now I have Tristan, and soon another one, so I can still have all of my Easter fun with them instead!
Tristan doesn't even know about Easter yet and this year I really wanted to put together a little basket for him. I don't get out much but the last few times that I have gone out to the store I didn't see any things to make a basket. All that I saw were ugly premade baskets filled with things that I don't want Tristan to have yet. I know that I could have just bought it and replaced all the things in it but I kept procrastinating. So here we are, Easter Sunday, and I don't have a basket for Boogies. I guess it's okay though. There is always next year when he's older and I won't mind as much if he has a little bit of candy. I try to keep him away from as much sweets as possible, so I think that I'm doing better than a lot of parents.
I did pick up two cute little Easter toys that I happen to see a few weeks ago though so I was able to give him at least something today, even though he doesn't know why he got them. One is a small snail plushie that vibrates and scoots along for a few inches when you pull his cord. Tristan likes snails, I LOVE snails, and it was just too cute. The other small toy that I got was a plastic egg snow globe sitting in a basket being held by a white bunny. I thought it was perfect for Tristan because he his always trying to play with a big ceramic Christmas snow globe that I have. He always wants to see it snowing. Even though this Easter one is very small and probably not as pretty and fun to look at, I thought that he might still get some enjoyment out of it.
Maybe next year when our friends from Misawa are here we can "celebrate" Easter with a nice big delicious meal. Mmmm. Hopefully they know better than to invite me to church.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I had to wake up early this morning to photograph a Zumba class. A very large Zumba class. Over 200 people showed up. It was a Zumba-thon for Autism awareness month. A three hour Zumba-thon.
I had never seen it before but I knew that it was some kind of fun workout that everyone seems to be in love with these days. So it's just like dancing I guess. You follow the moves your instuctor does to dance music. Only it's a workout so you're getting lots of exercise. I used to get just as much exercise dancing back home every weekend when my best friend and I would hit the clubs. And I did it drunk. But since there are no dance clubs here and I'm sure most people would like to get a good workout without being surrounded by a room full of drunk people and smoke, I can see why it's so popular. It's a fun way to get into shape without doing the boring stuff in the gym. And since my clubbing days are far behind me, I wouldn't mind trying Zumba myself since I love dancing.
So I had to just circle everyone like a vulture for a couple hours and constantly take photos of them bouncing around, all sweaty, and probably wishing that someone wasn't pointing that camera in their direction. Sorry guys, I had to. I got paid to do it. It's your instructor's fault.
It was pretty boring. 360 pictures and they all look the same. It was crazy how many people were wearing tops and pants that they ordered that actually say Zumba on them. And apparently the line started at seven o'clock this morning. They didn't even start letting people in the building until nine, and then it didn't get started until nine thirty. I definitely felt odd walking up to the building since I just happen to look like I was dressed for the class. Everyone was probably wondering what this crazy pregnant lady thought she was doing. But I stayed away from the line as much as possible and was able to slip in the front door and hang out on the far side of the gym away from everyone else. The instructors and a couple other people in charge of the event were all very nice though and apparently couldn't resist talking to the girl with the big fancy camera. Everyone else had their little pocket size cameras and were taking pictures of each other and getting their pictures taken with the instructors.  They were all so excited.  I don't know why it was such a big deal. 
I will probably start editing the photos tomorrow. I am definitely not doing all of them though.