Saturday, April 3, 2010


I had to wake up early this morning to photograph a Zumba class. A very large Zumba class. Over 200 people showed up. It was a Zumba-thon for Autism awareness month. A three hour Zumba-thon.
I had never seen it before but I knew that it was some kind of fun workout that everyone seems to be in love with these days. So it's just like dancing I guess. You follow the moves your instuctor does to dance music. Only it's a workout so you're getting lots of exercise. I used to get just as much exercise dancing back home every weekend when my best friend and I would hit the clubs. And I did it drunk. But since there are no dance clubs here and I'm sure most people would like to get a good workout without being surrounded by a room full of drunk people and smoke, I can see why it's so popular. It's a fun way to get into shape without doing the boring stuff in the gym. And since my clubbing days are far behind me, I wouldn't mind trying Zumba myself since I love dancing.
So I had to just circle everyone like a vulture for a couple hours and constantly take photos of them bouncing around, all sweaty, and probably wishing that someone wasn't pointing that camera in their direction. Sorry guys, I had to. I got paid to do it. It's your instructor's fault.
It was pretty boring. 360 pictures and they all look the same. It was crazy how many people were wearing tops and pants that they ordered that actually say Zumba on them. And apparently the line started at seven o'clock this morning. They didn't even start letting people in the building until nine, and then it didn't get started until nine thirty. I definitely felt odd walking up to the building since I just happen to look like I was dressed for the class. Everyone was probably wondering what this crazy pregnant lady thought she was doing. But I stayed away from the line as much as possible and was able to slip in the front door and hang out on the far side of the gym away from everyone else. The instructors and a couple other people in charge of the event were all very nice though and apparently couldn't resist talking to the girl with the big fancy camera. Everyone else had their little pocket size cameras and were taking pictures of each other and getting their pictures taken with the instructors.  They were all so excited.  I don't know why it was such a big deal. 
I will probably start editing the photos tomorrow. I am definitely not doing all of them though.

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