Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Women, Infants, and Children. If you are pregnant and/or have kids, you get some free food every month. I get a set of coupons and Tristan gets a set. It's great that I get all of the milk, juice, and bread that I need. It's okay that I get some of the other stuff but I don't always need it. It's stuff that we just don't eat that often. I mean do I really need two jars of peanut butter and four to six boxes of cereal every month?! Right now I have five boxes of cereal and eight jars of peanut butter just sitting collecting dust. I also get cheese, eggs, and some produce that goes to waste sometimes. I don't have to get everything that's offered to me on the coupons but the checkout ladies always hassle me and run to get the stuff that I "missed".
So Tristan and I had our latest WIC appointments this morning. They took Tristan's weight and height. Then they took my weight. Great. There's another fucking three pounds. WTF. Three pounds in one week?! It's not like I'm eating badly, or even any differently than from before I was pregnant so I have no idea where all of this extra weight is coming from, or even where it's hiding. It's rediculous. On top of that, the woman at our appointment is a retired Army dietitian and decides that she is going to pick through the food log that I had made yesterday. It's not enough to just give me my new coupons and let me get out of there. No, oh no. She had to go through everything that Tristan and I ate yesterday and point out our portion sizes and compare them to her chart of what they were supposed to be. So apparently Tristan drinks too much milk and juice (watered down btw) and what the hell was I thinking eating that side of chips with the Subway that I had for dinner. A granola bar?? I'm out of control! I'm sure if it were up to her I would be on a diet right now. Hell, maybe I should be. Maybe I should just eat what I get from my coupons and that's it. I won't get any meat, but that's okay because the cereal and peanut butter are filled with iron and protein. They say not to use "eating for two" as an excuse to eat whatever you want. I don't. They also say not to diet while you're pregnant. We'll see about that.
Nobody eats the way they should. Nobody is perfect. FUCK. OFF. And while you're busy doing that, I'll be sitting right here eating some ice cream. Right before my organs shut down. Thanks.

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