Sunday, April 4, 2010

From Snail, with love.

Today is Easter Sunday but it's just another day in this house. Tim and I have never celebrated Easter together. I used to love all the family gatherings at my grandma's house for holidays but not because they actually meant anything to me. I just loved the food. I am not a religious person so I don't care about the "meaning" of Easter, and Tim absolutely hates Easter because the Christians stole it from the Pagans. But I don't care about all of that. I just want a little basket of candy and cute things! But Tim will have nothing to do with it. Guess I'm a little old for it anyways. But! Now I have Tristan, and soon another one, so I can still have all of my Easter fun with them instead!
Tristan doesn't even know about Easter yet and this year I really wanted to put together a little basket for him. I don't get out much but the last few times that I have gone out to the store I didn't see any things to make a basket. All that I saw were ugly premade baskets filled with things that I don't want Tristan to have yet. I know that I could have just bought it and replaced all the things in it but I kept procrastinating. So here we are, Easter Sunday, and I don't have a basket for Boogies. I guess it's okay though. There is always next year when he's older and I won't mind as much if he has a little bit of candy. I try to keep him away from as much sweets as possible, so I think that I'm doing better than a lot of parents.
I did pick up two cute little Easter toys that I happen to see a few weeks ago though so I was able to give him at least something today, even though he doesn't know why he got them. One is a small snail plushie that vibrates and scoots along for a few inches when you pull his cord. Tristan likes snails, I LOVE snails, and it was just too cute. The other small toy that I got was a plastic egg snow globe sitting in a basket being held by a white bunny. I thought it was perfect for Tristan because he his always trying to play with a big ceramic Christmas snow globe that I have. He always wants to see it snowing. Even though this Easter one is very small and probably not as pretty and fun to look at, I thought that he might still get some enjoyment out of it.
Maybe next year when our friends from Misawa are here we can "celebrate" Easter with a nice big delicious meal. Mmmm. Hopefully they know better than to invite me to church.

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