Wednesday, March 31, 2010

28 wk checkup

I am actually twenty nine weeks today, but I had to keep rescheduling my appointments last week. I thought that I would only be there for about two hours this morning but I ended up being there for four hours instead.
First I had to get my vitals taken while waiting to see the doctor. I dreaded stepping onto the scale because I know that I've been gaining more weight than my first pregnancy. I couldn't help but look at the numbers. 160. Ugh. I have gained thirty five pounds already. That's the max weight that I'm supposed to gain for my size. When Tristan was born I was only at 157. Well, that was the day before he was born. I had actually dropped four pounds over night from not being able to eat anything because of my contractions. I don't look like I've gained any weight so I'm glad that I carry it well. But I still have about eleven weeks to go, so hopefully I can keep it in check. I just went for a walk a little bit ago and I am going to keep that up every night from now on. Sucks walking by myself though. If I still had my white cat Ivy I would be able to take her with me. She loved putting the harness on and going for walks.
After seeing the doctor, a whole waste of about ten minutes, I had to go down to the lab to take the glucose test and pick up my Rhogam shot to take back down to the ob/gyn. At the lab the really cool guy at the counter asked me if I wanted to get my blood drawn once or twice. Once, I have to sit there for two hours. Twice, I only have to sit there for one hour. I don't have a problem with needles and needed to get this over with so I opted for getting stuck twice. They drew some blood before I drank the cup of orange sugar, and then again an hour later. Not only was I waiting for the disgusting sugar to do it's thing, I had to wait for them to prepare a dose of antibodies for my blood type to use in the Rhogam injection. After getting my blood drawn the second time, I left the lab with my shot and headed back upstairs. Only the elevators were out now. Fuck. I was on the second floor and had to go all the way up to the fifth floor. One flight of stairs, fine. But three? Goddamn it. By the time I got up to the ob/gyn, not only were the nurses gone to lunch for the next forty five minutes, but the new hole in my arm had bled alot on the way up. Lovely. The entire ball of gauze was soaked. The other arm had bled more than usual, but not as much as this.
One o'clock finally came and all the other patients that had come in were getting called in to their appointments. Apparently my nurse was taking a shower so I had to wait a few more minutes. She eventually came to the waiting room to get me and I was not looking forward to getting this shot. Back in GA I had to get the shot in my hip and it really hurt. It's a bigger needle. But the nurse today asked if I wanted it in my arm or my butt. Arm?! Why couldn''t they've stuck my damn arm last time?! Yes, my arm please. Thinking that I could finally go home after this she tells me that I have to sit in the waiting room for fifteen more minutes before I can go. Uuugh come on. After the fifteen minutes she had to take my vitals one more time and then I was finally out of there. Omg I was so ready to be home and eat something. I had to have a light breakfast because of the glucola test. So I went home, told Tim about my wonderful day at the hospital, and curled up in bed for a nap.
I can't wait for this to be over. When it is, one of us will be getting fixed. I only ever wanted two kids, a boy and a girl, and I will be so happy to have my little Colleen :3


  1. Pregnancies are not fun for me either! I have to take daily shots of blood thinners! In the stomach! Seriously not fun! And I've had gestational diabetes both times! Double not fun!!

    I didn't realize you were so far along! You're almost there!

  2. Yeah I remember you having to take the shots in your tummy :( And how you said you'd get mad at Josh about it haha. I didn't know that you had the gestational diabetes though :( But yeah, it's getting close to the end now and I can't wait!