Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sad Bad Day

I started my day VERY depressed. Then I sprinkled a little irritability on top for some extra flavor. SIGH.

Tim and Will are gone. Wil.Liam came to visit us all this week and Tim took him back to Ohio yesterday morning. I hate it when Tim is gone and it is even worse this time because I didn't want Will to leave either. We hung out a lot and I hope that he comes back again in the summer. I wanted to eat more than I did and craft today but just couldn't get my heavy heart up off the floor. So of course that just made the kids being their usual selves even more annoying. I've just wanted to do nothing but sit alone in my room and stare at this screen all day long. Dinner time just made things worse. I'm always still hungry after dinner, but that's better than eating everything on the table.

I didn't get another vet job that I interviewed for. I really thought that I had this one for sure! They said maybe in the summer. Yeah okay. So I feel like shit for not being able to find a job. And my Etsy shop has failed so far. Someday I will be good enough, right???

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