Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winter Review

Wow it's been another long while since I've written. I always think about it but never get to it :( Ugh, I really want to try to update every weekend!

So here's a recap of my winter:

Tristan is FOUR now and very proud of it. He still likes to tell people that's he's four. I ordered his birthday cake this time and insisted on buttercream icing, NOT whipped. Apparently the lady didn't care what I wanted and thought that I should have what she and everyone else loves and gave me whipped icing anyways. I was so mad. I will never order from them again that's for sure.

I spent my Thanksgiving break away from my family here and went to Troy to wrap up my most important wedding plans. The Hayner decided to seriously screw me out of the Solarium I had picked out, AFTER I had made the trip just to do so. So I ended up with the Study and it worked out much better. A few people showed up that I didn't think would actually come, Kelle canceled at the last possible minute, and MumMum and Colely pulled off everything. I seriously could not have done this without them!! I do wish it could've lasted longer though.

There were SO many presents on xmas morning! The best part was Collie's reaction to the huge stuffed dog that she got! I'm pretty sure that moment can never be topped and she still loves her Goggie :D Her days and nights aren't complete without it. I think we need another one!

I dyed my hair dark again on New Year's Eve. It's lightened up quite a bit now and I'm thinking about adding black tips. Maybe pink. New Year's Day I FINALLY opened a shop on Etsy! I've gotten a lot of views so far but only a few favorites.

Tim has started his second full semester of school. We are both looking for jobs because his unemployment runs out this month. I hope that Tim finds something before I do because I really need to be the one to stay home and continue doing everything that I do here. I do most of the cooking and cleaning, and all of the parenting. None of that will be taken care of if I'm working outside of the house. Plus I'm trying to maintain an art business. It's been very steady so far but I have no orders after my current one. Though it will be nice to take a break for a couple weeks and just work on my own personal projects. Then I will be able to get a few new things in the shop :3

As grateful that I am for having this place to stay while Tim goes to school, getting our own place just can't come soon enough. Tristan is constantly being put down, and most of the time I am expected to find it funny. I don't. At all. Nobody cares?? I FUCKING CARE. I made this little person with all of his personality. And in the rare instances when I broke down and spanked him, running up next to me and repeatedly telling me I'm doing an "excellent" job while it's happening is in absolutely NO way appropriate. That's disturbing. I'm not proud of it, it's not a good thing, and it's definitely none of anyone's business but mine. Keep your hate and impatience to YOURSELF.

So overall, winter this season has been amazingly mild with very little snow, and I am really looking forward to spring! I have already seen baby Daffodils at the grocery store and I get excited and want to buy all of them. I can only resist for so long :D

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