Sunday, June 19, 2011

Birthday Bean!

Yesterday was Collie's first birthday! It was a pretty normal day. Tristan did some pretty bad things throughout the day, like eat almost a whole box of granola bars and get into the cake that I made for Collie. He made a big hole in the middle of it but luckily I was able to fix it so you couldn't tell. Nicole and Jason came over for most of the day. Everyone just hung around not doing much. I made avacado burgers, which I forgot AGAIN to take a nice picture of. After dinner we all went to the living room for presents!

She loved the sea horse and the smart wheels the most. Then of course after the presents it was time for CAKE!! We had been talking about how excited we were for this moment for months. She absolutely loves to eat so we knew that she would dig right into the cake like Tristan never did.

And she did! Of course then it was bath and bed time for her. She went to sleep with her new glowing sea horse lullabying her to sleep <3

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