Saturday, March 27, 2010

My New Blog

So I've decided to try using a new blog. I had one on Myspace but all of my friends and I have moved over to Facebook where there is no option to blog. I also have an ancient blog on LiveJournal that I haven't used in years, and nobody uses that anyways. So I will try this and see how it goes, if I like it or not.

As I was attempting to set up this blog, I realized that I was supposed to have a gmail or Google account first. Well I don't need another email account, so I went with setting up the google account. I didn't get very far, as they asked for my country and cell phone number so they can send me a voice mail of my verification code to continue. Thinking that they might not be able to send anything to my Japanese cell phone, I entered United States as my country and typed in my sister's cell phone number from back home. Upon clicking on the Continue button, I was alerted that the selected country was not supported for verification. You've got to be fucking kidding me. Okay, so yet another problem with my computer being in a different region. So then I tried using Japan as the country, since I am kind of really here and all, and then had to choose between TWO SoftBank options as my cell phone provider. I don't bloody know, it's just SoftBank! So I pick one and click Continue. The next page asks for the verification code. *crickets* Sitting here with my phone. Waiting for it to do something. Nothing happens. Well, shit, maybe it's because I don't get any bloody reception in the black hole that is my house. So I take the phone outside and wonder around my patio and yard waiting for a few bars to come out from hiding. Oh there they are. And there's a cute little jingle alerting me that I have voice mails. I push the button and this is what I get: 5ojyua]dhboa,wenobiuyj35ky6q2340ihzdf. Nothing but Japanese bloody gibberish over and over until the nice lady finally ends the call. Lovely. I walk back in the house to grab my house phone to call Softback and ask them how in the hell I am supposed to switch my phone over to English, since they didn't get the hint when I first bought the damn thing. There's Tim, just waking up from his nap, to rescue me. He told me to just try setting up the Gmail account instead to see if I can get into Blogger that way, since he had no trouble setting his up after he got here. While he gets on the phone with SoftBank to fix the translation problem on my phone, I set up a Gmail account with no problems. Yay. So now here I am, finally writing in my new blog. Oh look, a bag of McDonald's has just wandered into my house, and I just happen to be really hungry.


  1. Why the hell isn't my picture showing up under your Followers?? >x<;;

  2. I'm glad you're blogging on here now! I never get on myspace anymore! I just set up the account using my hotmail address, and I didn't have to go through all of that! I probably would have just given up altogether, computers frustrate me!!

  3. Yeah it was pretty stupid. I never get on myspace anymore either. I don't think anyone does haha.
    Sorry Colliwogs, I don't know why :<