Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Two sickies

Collie came into my room this morning crying that she was sick. She was hot, her lips were lightly blue, and she was having a hard time standing up. I asked her if she had thrown up or if she felt like she was going to, and she said no. But I heard her stomach gurgling and contracting and rushed her to the toilet. She tried to make herself throw up but could not get anything to come out, just a tiny but of spit on her lips. We went downstairs and I put her on the couch and she asked for water. She has been fine ever since, but seems to have a temperature coming and going today so far. I hope that she stays on the well side and does not get worse again, and that the rest of us don't get it.

Axl is sick as well. He woke me up twice throughout the night with an urgency to go outside. He has the runs again and is straining just like he was a few weeks ago right before we went to PA for christmas. I had taken him to the vet for a dewormer, although they did not find any evidence of worms since he could not provide a solid enough sample to test. I gave him the dewormer and he cleared right up. For this to be happening again, if worms are truly the culprit, means that they are in the yard. I don't think that there is any way to rid the yard of parasites, so I just need to start making sure that I clean up after Axl immediately after he goes out there, and start walking him more. The yard looks like hell since it is winter and Axl has torn it up a bit from running around. His urine does not help either. I need to spread out a lot of grass seeds or something to make it nice again when spring comes.

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