Thursday, September 22, 2011


This is Karla. She is a gorgeous pitbull at a local rescue organization.

Ever since we lost Blaze over moving to Japan (HUGE regret) we have wanted to get another dog. Recently a friend of mine started watching a rescue group on Facebook and they just happen to be in my area. I got excited and started following them and another local group as well. I looked through dozens of photos of available pitbulls and read all of their stories, but none of them sparked my interest. Then the other day this picture and bio was posted. Immediately I felt "she's the one...that's my dog." I was hopeful that we might be able to foster and and then my family would warm up to the idea of letting me keep her. But the house we are living in right now isn't ours, and there are other animal residents to consider. The house is pretty full already with six humans and four cats. I talked to Tim about it a little bit but told him that I just couldn't ask his parents about it. I didn't really want him to ask either. I already knew the answer.

I have been really upset over this and I don't know why. Depressed and crying. This is ridiculous. I have been living with the fact for the last three years that we won't be able to get another dog for a long time, and understood when we got back to the states that it would still be a few more years before we could even think about it. Why is this one dog, this photo of a dog that I have never met, getting to me so bad?! And I realized that I am hurt over the thought of someone else adopting her. I just want to slap myself and snap out of it! I am completely overreacting and I feel stupid.

Well the local rescues are getting together at the end of October to hold an Awareness Day for pitbulls and I want to go. They need volunteers, which I love doing with animals, so I will go to help out or just meet all the dogs and support them. I will see if my friend here, Jen, wants to go with me too. It will be fun!

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