Monday, September 13, 2010


Every time I post in my blog, it doesn't take long before I starting wondering if I should or shouldn't have said this or that. I worry about what someone will think, if I've offended someone. I wonder if I should go back and delete that sentence or paragraph. I wonder who's judging me or if someone might not want to be my friend after reading what I said. But at the same time I tell myself that I'm just speaking my mind in the only place that I feel comfortable. My blog is really for me and what I say is how I feel. This is me, and as much as I would hate to lose any of the few friends that I have, I can't please everybody. I'm really different from most people, everyone I know, and no one will ever understand me. I probably wouldn't have any friends at all if anyone knew everything about me. When I'm shy or just quiet people think I'm rude, and when I try to be confident people think I'm a bitch. I just can't win.

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