Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I'm so glad that I don't ever stay depressed for long!

I said something to Tim a few nights ago about how bad he was making me feel by not talking to me. He came upstairs a little frustrated it seemed because he never knows how to talk to me about stuff. I was already starting to feel better having just gotten it off my chest, and him acknowledging the problem really helped so much more, of course. Sometimes I just get one little negative thought to sprout in my mind and then it keeps growing into a huge nest of weeds that spread out and kill all the pretty thoughts I have. I am usually so good at staying ahead of them, but nobody is perfect and insecurities happen. I always look back at it and see how stupid it was.

So I am feeling back to my happy every day self. I've plunged back into my painting. I tried to read some more of my book Dracula last night but wasn't feeling it. I am getting really close to the end and I'm not sure if I want to attempt checking out any of the movies for fear that I will get irritated at any part that does not follow the book.

It looks as though Tim's mom coming over for dinner and laundry on Friday nights is going to be a regular thing for now. She is coming again in two days but this time I will not bother to get sad for being left out. Not that I want to sit around with her. Maybe I will take the kids somewhere just to hang out since Tristan does not like her, or we can just all lay on my bed together again and find a movie to watch and read some books.

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